The Entrepreneur

Encouraging entrepreneurs to start again when a business fails is fundamental to a healthy economy

The Goal

Given the levels of passion generated by the World Cup, the event is an incredibly valuable platform for brands to connect with their consumer base

The (N)ever-changing world of brand communications

On the surface, contemporary advertising appears to have moved on significantly from where it began. However, dig a little deeper and you will find that its core principles remain unchanged

Real Value

Book building is considered a tool for price discovery, based on allowing the market and investors at large to decide the real value of the stock

Index to fund

The availability of Shari’ah compliant indices has allowed widespread introduction of lower cost products such as Exchange Traded Funds with well-defined exposures and high levels of transparency


The outlook for Oman's largest beverages distributor looks promising, with industry experts predicting a diversification in the products porfolio and potential M&A

Culture drives business

The ancient shopping complexes of Muscat continue to survive competition from organised retail players in the city, on strong local demand, attractive pricing and loyal customers


Porsche Cayenne, Kia Sportage, Renault Fluence, Mitsubishi Pajero

Motoring: Honda Crosstour

Crosstour drives somewhat like the Accord sedan but with a heavier, more deliberate feel.

Looking good

Looking good

Market Review

Despite the current lull, the long-term view of Oman's economy remains bullish


Gagan Jain of Splash, Landmark Group, on his likes and dislikes

Just what the doctor ordered

In an exclusive interview with BusinessToday, Dr Azad Moopen, chairman of D M Healthcare, talks about expansion plans and what can be done to develop the private sector healthcare sector in Oman.