February 2009


In Full Sail

The hospitality and tourism sector in Oman is preparing to navigate choppy waters this year

It Won’t Rust

While there is some trickle-down effect from the global crisis on the automobile sector in Oman, dealers say there’s nothing to worry about

To be or not to be

Though government officials in Oman do not see any advantage in being a part of the GCC
monetary union, economists feel differently


The government seeks to stimulate economy with bigger budget deficit

Looking glass

Senior economist at Standard Chartered Bank, Philippe Dauba-Pantanacce, talks  about government expenditure, the deficit, economic growth and inflation.

Consequential Loss

It is advisable to take specific legal advice especially in these times to maximise your position as regards the concept of losses

A Fresh Start

The Genesis brings Hyundai into the league of high-end players. Does it make the cut?

My Money

Anees Sultan, former investment banker, answers queries on personal finance.

A New Beginning

It is now time to identify the unique qualities Oman has to offer, balance this with what consumers actually want and present it

Stepping on the Gas

At Oman LNG, there is always an effort to match milestones in business with social investment programmes

Realty show

A look at what is the best option in 2009 if real estate is your investment choice

Where to Invest

Knowing where to put your money in turbulent economic times is a big decision

Know your why

The best leaders are the ones who are focused on bringing out the best in their people by transforming lives

Realty show

A look at what is the best option in 2009 if real estate is your investment choice

Shoppers Drop

Retailers are rethinking marketing strategies as consumers turn conservative in spending habits

Stock picks in a bear market

Nabeel Jawad Sultan, director, Jawad Sultan Enterprises, takes his pick

Dial T for Respite

Despite turbulence all around the telecom sector seems to be picking up the right signals

Perfect Vacations: The great escape

For Mae Ballout of Ayana Slim Spa, a perfect vacation would be a complete getaway