January 2010


Looking good

Accessories and gadgets for the executive

Sunny days are here again

The expected rebound in the global economy, the generous government budget and a revival of the IPO market should propel the MSM 30 index to new heights in 2010

Superpowers for leaders

A SuperCorp gains special powers because it understands that thinking beyond itself to find ways to improve society

Pension reforms needed

Successful reform in the pension system of GCC countries will gradually shift responsibility toward workers and private fund managers, thereby helping growth in the financial market, says a new study by Booz & Company

The big bang of business naming

How to restructure a better master naming architecture on current dysfunctional names and ways to keep them alive in global market place

The GCC realty

A Real Estate Market Report by Global Investment House Research says Oman Is considering a new law that will address potential problems in the real estate

Oman Ahead

In a year that saw salary growth slowing down significantly across the region, Oman registered the biggest average pay rise. According to a Gulf Talent search study, the trend is set to continue in 2010


Annurag Chawla of Towell Auto Centre talks about his likes and dislikes

IT is for everyone

Dr Salim al Ruzaiqi, CEO, Information Technology Authority talks about the evolution of ITA and the role it is playing in strategising and implementing a national ICT plan

IFRS 9, the new accounting standard

A new standard was necessitated to eliminate drawbacks of the existing one, which was partially blamed for the sub-prime crisis


It may not look like your typical Porsche but Panamera S undeniably drives like one and has the sporty exhilaration you would expect from the Porsche family

In Person

In Oman, a new generation of educated and motivated women is emerging and they are creating exciting and innovative businesses with great potential for success

Pie in the sky

Cover Story: Pie in the sky
The Dubai Mirage: An analysis of recent developments

Branding in 2010

After a year of commercial uncertainty,what can Omani businesses and brands expect from 2010?

Motor Industry on the MiEv

Mitsubishi Motors plans to cut its participation in motorsport to focus on electric vehicles

2009: an overview

A brief summary of the various legal developments in the last year