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Corporate executives who were on short visits to Muscat

Looking Good: Fit at home

With all the hype about keeping fit and leading a healthy lifestyle being emphasised even in the reel worlds, many people are making their way to local gyms and health centres. But if the local gym is uninviting, why worry, when you can set up your very own fitness centre at home?

Business as usual for Oman's travel agents

Notwithstanding competition, the Internet and thinning margins, travel agencies in Oman are a long way from being relegated to the status of relics

Traffic: wow, that's great news for us

V R Dilip of OTE Group, is among the handful of people who can look at the cars queued up on the road and smile contentedly

Two steps forward

The skill set and abilities to start a business are not always the same as those that perpetuate growth, says Qamar Saleem of HSBC

The business of sports tourism

A holiday that revolves around sport is irresistible as it offers real excitement combined with the ‘I was there’ factor, says Melonie Frank

OCCI on a roll

Cover Story: Lucky No. 7
As the helm of the Oman Chamber of Commerce for a year now, H E Khalil al Khonji has proven that this non-profit body has a lot to contribute, both as a facilitator as well as a watchdog

The shopping complex

With City Centre and Carrefour arriving in Qurm later this year, BusinessToday takes a look whether this new addition will change the way people shop

Chronicles of a Stockbroker

A study into the behaviour of Gulf investors


Automobile news to keep you driving ahead

After Work: Footloose this weekend

Most of the firms in Oman now offer two-day weekends, which opens up the possibilities to experience the outdoors in Oman, from deserts and coasts to mountains. The most obvious choice is Jebel Akhdar, with its accessibility and temperatures, but the Sharqiya coast, with its mix of sand dunes on one side and sea on the other, might just surprise you with a great weekend experience.

Perfect Vacations

Postcards from  Pharaoh’s land: Mahesh Anawekar, creative director, DDB, likes to plan his vacations properly. He says the romance of an impromptu, unstructured vacation with the thrills of exploring the unknown may sound fascinating, but it need not necessarily turn out to be so, especially if you are travelling with family. “You travel so many miles, spend so much – all to explore and experience a new place, a new culture. You don't want things to go wrong.”