No reprieve yet

Earnings of the MSM Index companies disappointed investors. Analysis by BankMuscat Equity Research

After Branding

H H Faisal al Said says successful national identities don’t emerge naturally, people create them. The challenge now is to help build a compelling brand story for Oman

All things art

High Renaissance denotes the culmination of the art of the Italian Renaissance. The School of Athens by Raphael illustrates the brilliance of High Renaissance artists and brings forth the masterly use of the principles of art

Lost Sheen

The once bustling chromite industry is hit by plummeting steel prices and lack of value addition

Legally mulling

Bruce Mullins, managing partner, DLA Piper Oman, talks about setting up office and future plans

Made to order

Custom-made financial solutions are available for companies in Oman

Health under cover

With several companies looking at group medical cover, insurance companies are gearing up with competitive products and aggressive marketing plans to garner a larger market share

Corporate Taxation in Oman

The legal regime relating to taxation is still very favourable for businesses

In the limelight

People who were in limelight

Pirates of the Gulf of Aden

While pirates in the waters around the horn of Africa is a cause of concern, Oman has not yet felt the ripples

The Private Choice

Private labels are fast emerging as a preferred option for consumers who are both price and quality conscious


Usama Barwani of M B Holding Company on his likes and dislikes

Everyone Wins

Interest in sport is reflected not only in game attendance and TV viewing figures but also in what people wear, how they speak and often how they behave

Seizing Opportunities

Despite economic uncertainties, there are ample investment opportunities in the GCC region

Balance Act

Oman needs to develop its tourism industry even as it creates a better place for people to live in and a  better place for people to visit