Fitness: Achieving your fitness goals this New Year

With 2017 at a close, it’s time to evaluate your fitness goals over the past year. 

Did you stick to your resolutions or did some fall by the wayside? Whatever the answer, the new year is the perfect opportunity for a fresh outlook and renewed motivation. These simple steps will help you to assess the progress you’ve made so far and help you to achieve your goals in 2018.


Be specific

It’s all well and good to say, ‘This year I will get fit, or ‘this year I will lose weight’, but how does this translate into identifiable results and actions? Whatever your goal is, be as specific as possible, whether it be reaching a certain weight, running five kilometers without stopping, bench pressing a certain amount or being able to do ten chin-ups. Why not apply the classic goal setting model – S.M.A.R.T. to your fitness goals. To make your goal S.M.A.R.T., they need to be all of the following: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

Assess progress

Rather than forgetting your 2017 goals, look back at them. Which goals have you made progress on and which goals are you struggling with? Only by measuring your progress will know how much farther you have to go, and what adjustments you need to make. Measuring your progress involves looking at the numbers. Keeping track of what you're accomplishing, it will inform your progress, therefore help you achieve your goal. If your goals are specific it will make assessing your progress much easier.

Set achievable goals

It is often said that nothing worthwhile comes easily. The same can be applied to fitness and weight loss. While it would be nice to see results immediately, for most people it just isn’t the case. Many people become disheartened if they don’t notice a major transformation immediately so it’s important to set realistic expectations and goals from the outset. Stick to a regime that you can commit to. If you are new to training, rather than aiming for six sessions a week, aim instead for just one and build from there. Let exercise develop into a habit, and overtime it will become easier to stick to your regimen. Think of fitness as more of a journey than a destination, so keep your training consistent and you will reap the benefits in the long term.

Be accountable

Reaching your goals can be tricky, even if they are specific, measurable and achievable. Holding yourself accountable to your goals is key to making progress. As a minimum, write down your goals and put them somewhere that you will regularly look – your desktop, your diary, your fridge, anywhere that will serve as a constant reminder to work towards them. Another great way of staying accountable to your resolutions is to share them with family and friends. Support from loved-ones will dramatically increase your chances of success. Ask someone you trust to regularly check in on your progress. It’s easy to break a promise to yourself, but harder to admit it to someone else.

Mix it up

Boredom is a hugely demotivating force, so don’t fall into the trap of the same dull workout day-in-day-out by mixing up your training. Supplementing your training with a variety of exercises will not only keep you mentally stimulated, but also will help your body to avoid plateauing through the constant challenge of new movements. A variety of training can also compliment your primary fitness goal or sport. Yoga or Pilates for instance can be a great addition to your usual high intensity workouts to help prevent injury. As another example, adding boxing or kick-boxing into your workout mix is a great form of cardio, perfect for anyone wanting to increase their fitness levels and create lean muscle.

Good Luck!

Nidhal Aouali

Coach, Oman Kickboxing Club

Instagram: @nidhalaouali and omankickboxingclub

Fitness: Achieving your fitness goals this New Year
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