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Numbers are wonderful things and if we take mathematicians at their word, these figures control the whole universe. Though it is a matter of perception, but numbers can make or break lives. For eg take the figure 100. 

If it is the score in a test, that's the best one can ever do, but if in body temperature, it means you are sick. Same can be said about the price of crude oil. It has crossed US$65 – first time since 2015 – and it has brought back hope and optimism in the economy. Two years back when the price was the same, it was considered a harbinger of an impending slump. But perceptions matter and businesses hinge on sentiments. And the sentiment now is that of optimism.

This optimism is evident in the responses of business leaders from various sectors featured in our cover story. They are expecting the economy to shake off the slump and growth to return. And the major factor behind this confidence is a number.

Talking about numbers, there is a growing expectation in the market that the government will increase spending in 2018. The story about economic revival hopes has experts talking about aspects that will push the economy forward in the new year.

Insurance companies are also anticipating an increase in the number of clients, owing to the government mandate to make health insurance compulsory. The story explores how this decision will change the industry.

We also have regular features like test drive, market watch, fitness etc apart from interviews and market reports from reputed research firms.

Finally, we are adding a new number to our calendar – 2018. The year arrives with a bundle of hopes and aspirations, which we are confident will bear fruit.

We wish you a very happy and a prosperous New Year.

Editor’s note
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