February 2010



Reflections of Daeij al Hosni

Corporate Moves

Keeping track of Movers and Shakers

Sharing Risk

Experts estimate a potential to increase the bottom line profitability of insurance companies by overcoming current challenges in underwriting

Dream Weddings

More and more people are choosing to enrol the services of a wedding coordinator to help plan their big day

Sound Policies

Prof David Singer from MIT says that Oman’s policies have helped it steer through the global financial crisis with minimal impact

Object of desire

Maserati Quattroporte S is a car that can be driven to work or to the Oscars

Net Result

Survey helps marketeers look at the impact of internet on behavioral patterns

Oil prices fuel growth

The long-term view of Oman’s economy remains bullish as the economic growth of emerging markets will bring in a sharp rise in demand for energy

Communicating right

A business should begin by talking to those who sell to its customers directly, be it its own internal sales team or a third-party reseller

Leading by example

Eng Omar Ahmed Qatan, CEO of Omanoil, worked as a filling station assistant for two days.

A Lesson in Leadership

Successful companies are open to creative partnerships, willing to add something from outside their core to enlarge a product’s appeal

Gold: Will the glitter continue?

The possibility of a global currency crisis implies that alternative currencies such as gold may have their day under the sun