Motoring: Cadillac SRX

This luxury crossover offers the best of two worlds

The trickle-down effect

The negative impact of a decline euro on the GCC region’s competitiveness in the non-oil export market cannot be ignored

Shifting Gears

Mawarid Mining and Gentor Resources are bringing in some of the best of global mining technology for copper extraction in Oman

40 Years

 Cover Story: As the nation celebrates 40 years of Renaissance, sultanate is at a point that it can congratulate itself on where it stands today

Giving back To Society

Ethics and business don’t always go together in the real world

Goodwill Hunting

The fortune we earn is not ours alone to enjoy; it is to be used to pay off three debts: to our families, society and the planet. That is the larger vision behind the Al Ansari group of companies

The power of persuasion

Businesses and brands must endeavour to use persuasive messages to change audience behaviours rather than defaulting to a more commanding stance

Charge your ambitions

A look at what SMEs can do to secure funding from banks and agencies