September 2010


The evolution of banking in Oman

A look at why the cash machine is a critical banking service in Oman and how the introduction of chip and PIN technology will shape the future of payments in the Middle East

Accessing worldwide property markets

Real estate investment trusts can be an attractive alternative to direct investment in real estate, combining the benefits of real estate investments with liquidity. REIT exchange traded funds offer a cost effective and diversified way to access a broad range of REIT vehicles

Leading with passion

Tom Peters says a leader is someone who helps others grow, one who produces other leaders and not followers

The power of an idea

Organised for the first time in the Middle-East, Startup Weekend Oman got a rousing reception



Breaking in

Chinese brands in Oman could eventually become rivals to the established Japanese and Korean market leaders in the popular car segment

Real estate as investment

A unique advantage of real estate investment, especially in today’s economic climate, is that you can control it unlike in the case of stocks

Battling perceptions

Despite several initiatives and some success stories Omani brands have an uphill task ahead before they can dislodge the international brands consumers have grown up with

Speaking the right language

Time and resources should be focused on inspiring and exciting customers by creating connections they can relate to and translating brand, product and service propositions directly into their daily lives

Changing market dynamics

The decline in real estate has forced contractors to diversify geographically as they can no longer rely on one market for work


Peter Schilter of Swiss Air and Lufthansa on his likes and dislikes

Chain Reaction

Great customer service on the shop floor begins at the very top

Live life larger

Evora shows clear links to other Lotus products but is thoroughly distinctive in its own right

The egalitarian

Hosam el Sokkari, head of audience, Yahoo Middle East says there is a need to put in more effort into tools that categorise and improve searching Arabic content online.