September 2008


After Work: All work, no sweat

A brisk walk or jog along the promenade may be the best thing when the weather is pleasant, but many people prefer to work up a sweat indoors. Muscat has several options – here and overleaf, BusinessToday identifies three


Automobile news to keep you ahead

A different take

Kiran Asher, group managing director, Al Ansari Group of Companies, has a rather philosophical approach to life. He says every individual is born with three debts, which he must repay in his lifetime – debts to parents, society and environment. Somewhere at the core of this philosophy lies his version of corporate social responsibility (CSR) 

A lady's haven

Less than a year old, Mrunal’s has carved a niche for itself

Perfect Vacations: Around Europe

Saibal Basu, general manager, Landmark Group, says a perfect vacation would be relaxing,  where he is not under pressure to cover a lot of places. It would be a vacation where he is in charge. Still he did take Thomas Cook’s two-week European tour this summer. He explains why and how he enjoyed every bit of it

Looking Good: Workout Gear

Sweating it out need not mean a lapse of style.  With this in mind, BusinessToday considers essential – and trendy – kit for the gym

The weaker sex, no more

In an online survey, 51 per cent of women in the Middle East workplace say gender will not adversely impact their chances of being promoted as compared to male colleagues in a similar position

Oman's garment export units in dire straits

From an industry that brought in the highest export revenue in the non-oil category to one that is struggling to stay afloat, the garment export units seek a lifeline

Audi A5 test drive

This reinvented coupe is byword for power and grace and has just the right amount of road presence without running the risk of appearing ostentatious

Blue City takes the road less travelled

Cover Story: Blue City
In an exclusive interview with BusinessToday, Richard P Russell, managing director and CEO of Blue City Company 1, runs the gauntlet of questions with ease and lays bare the reality behind one of the biggest ever projects in the region

W J Towell ushers in Blacksheep to Oman

Mazoon Blacksheep hopes to usher in an era of brand differentiation in Oman’s advertising scenario

Of bulls and bears

The MSM plunged 578 points on August 11 creating panic. Was it a crash, correction or fluctuation?

Registering agents’ interests

Every agent should do a due diligence on all its agencies to ensure that it has registered agreements in respect of every agency

Loosening the grip

When moving from being a small to medium enterprise and managing this rapid growth phase, it is necessary for an entrepreneur to decentralise the decision-making

Strong results and healthy correction

Markets would stay range-bound in the absence of any positive surprises. Analysis by BankMuscat Equity Research

In Person

Dave Ulrich, co-director of Michigan’s Human Resource Executive Programme, will be a keynote speaker at the 2008 Leaders in Dubai Business Forum that is to be held November 16-18 at Dubai International Convention Center