Radio ga ga...are you listening?

Darren Barrett speaks on why advertising on radio is a good idea


1.Radio is an intrusive media, and in Oman it is a new media. It is exciting, people are very quick to develop brand loyalty and allow radio to deliver its message.
2. Radio is an instant media, it is always up-to-date. It happens now, not yesterday or last week. People get information immediately on radio.
3. Radio is a passive form of advertising, the listener needs to do nothing to hear your advert, not pick up a paper or flyer or even change the channel as in TV. It is there with them in the car, bath, work and home.
4. In Oman, the daily commute is an adventure in itself and the average journey is 40 minutes. The listener is a captive audience and a willing participant. They listen to radio to be cheered up, they want information and they want entertainment. Unlike Europe, radio in Oman actually reaches people for a long period of time. They are ready to be told about your product in the comfort of the car. They can't read a paper or watch TV whilst driving but radio intrudes and delivers!
5. People in Oman are excited about radio. They now have a choice of listening, a choice that is getting bigger all the time. They are bonding with the voices, they are entering competitions, people at work are talking about the radio and what they heard on the way to work. Oman has choice in new media now and I am proud to be a part of it.
In Oman radio is a very exciting concept, people are taking ownership and getting involved. Commercial media in Oman will boom in the very near future, and people will choose what they listen to and where, with a huge amount of choice. For the advertiser this is an exciting proposition, to be able to define their audience to nationality, age, location and place, whereas before there was only one option.

Radio ga ga...are you listening?
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