Career in advertising

Advertising offers an extraordinarily wide range of interesting jobs and career paths, and scope for earning high salaries, says Jayanti Ghose


Oman gets its first taste of ambush advertising as rival companies trade blows reports Srinivasan Iyer

Table talk

Roopesh Bhatnagar of NPA on the changes in the advertising and media sectors

Perfect Vacations

For Jannat Shafaei and Hani Mirza of Bin Mirza International, the prime concern while planning a vacation is what the destination has to offer their two-year-old son, Sami. And that is one of the main reasons why London has become the couple’s favourite holiday destination since his birth. “We are anyway not the mountain climbing type,” says Shafaei of their kind of holidays. “We are more city oriented and prefer a five-star hotel with a good bathroom. You will never find us camping. A holiday has to be relaxing and luxurious.”

Spreading a whiff of frankincense

Srinivasan Iyer gets to know how TBWA\Zeenah went about the process of Oman Air logo redesign

Pitch courtesies: an agency perspective

An open letter to prospective clients of a view from the other side of the fence


After a successful launch in Japan, Mazda Motor and Towell Auto Centre has unveiled the all-new Mazda 6. Available in three body styles, the car is equipped with Mazda’s recently developed MZR 2.5-litre engine, a step up from the previous model’s 2.3-litre version

Blurring Lines

Below the line advertising is catching on in Oman even though it’s yet to claim the pride of place in the ad world here, reports Arya Rudra

Radio ga ga...are you listening?

Darren Barrett speaks on why advertising on radio is a good idea

Head over heels

It was their day out. Away from the confines of their offices, the creative directors of the ad agencies in Muscat were game for a bit of whacky stuff. Over a cup of coffee, a walk on the beach and a bit of gossip, they bonded.

Some were meeting for the first time, others after a long time. The camaraderie was instant and by the time they left two hours later they were plotting further get-togethers. It was also their day to be on the ‘other side of the camera’, that too in front of a resonably large group of curious onlookers on Qurm beach. “Man, don’t we look ugly,” was the gleeful response as they had a peep at their images on the camera’s LCD screen. Then it was time to talk – of an ad from their repertoire that they would rather forget