October 2010


The bank story

From just three registered banks with about as many branches in 1972 to 17 commercial banks in 2010, the banking sector in Oman has developed by leaps and bounds

Legal milestones

A look at some of the significant legislations that have modernised the face of the Sultanate of Oman

Capital market developments in Oman

Omani capital market has come a long way since the first step in this direction, The Commercial Company’s Law, was promulgated in 1974

Omantel – The Telecommunications Pioneer

Six MVNOs, two mobile operators and two fixed line providers: Oman’s telecom landscape has undergone a sea change in recent years. But as the pioneer who laid the foundation for this growth, Omantel is a story in itself

Flights of fancy

With its upcoming airport projects, the sultanate is looking to boost both domestic and international travel and trade

Honing in on benefits

The free trade zones in Oman are aimed at bringing in large investments into the country and promoting industrial growth

Go Golf

As more green courses come up, Oman is well on the path to becoming the next big destination for golf in the region

Home's where the heart is

The Royal Decree issued in 2006 allowing non-Omani nationals to own property in ITCs came just two years after restrictions on GCC nationals’ ownership were relaxed. Oman’s law in this regard is considered the most progressive in the region

Sea of potential

Oman's ports are fast-growing centres of trade and have grown hugely from what they were once. Now, they are also gateways for tourists to the sultanate

Quantum leaps

The energy sector in Oman will see marked improvements due to a rise in number of power plants, initiatives to increase natural-gas supply and a push towards renewable energy

Way to Go

Over the last 40 years, Oman has developed a road infrastructure that is at par with that of the developed nations, with a huge network linking Muscat with remote towns and villages

Kamal Abdulredha Sultan

When Kamal Abdulredha Sultan, honorary life chairman of W J Towell, one of Oman’s oldest business conglomerates, joined the company, he was just a teenager in a family business

Sheikh Suhail Bahwan

Sheikh Suhail Bahwan heads a business empire today – one with interests in automobile, engineering, construction, steels and chemicals

Sheikh AbdulMalik al Khalili

Sheikh AbdulMalik al Khalili, chairman of BankMuscat and winner of the first Asian Banker Leadership Achievement Award for Oman 2010, is known for his reluctance to claim laurels for his bank’s achievements, preferring to pass on full credit to his management team.

Sheikh Kanaksi Gokaldas Khimji

In the business world, Sheikh Kanaksi Gokaldas Khimji is known for his acumen as the head of one the largest and oldest business conglomerates in Oman

Mohsin Haider Darwish

A low-profile philanthropist, Mohsin Haider Darwish’s achievements in the business world span over half a century

Mustafa Abdulredha Sultan

Mustafa Abdulredha Sultan, chairman of Mustafa Sultan Enterprises, left the family business in 1972 to start his own company, along with elder brother Jawad Abdulredha Sultan

A pillar of strength

As the longest serving head of any bank in the sultanate, Abdul Kader Askalan, CEO of Oman Arab Bank is accepted as a father figure in the banking sector

Medicine man

Dr Donald Bosch and his wife Eloise are best known for The Doctor + The Teacher, their published account of Oman between 1955 and 1970

The guru of growth

That the son of well-known late entrepreneur Abdulredha Sultan should achieve such success, is no surprise

Custodian of telecom

After serving in various academic and leadership positions at the Sultan Qaboos University, Amer al Rawas entered the telecoms industry

Woman of substance

 MD & group CEO of ONIC Holding (ONICH) in November 2008, Sayyida Rawan Ahmed al Said, has successfully steered the company from strength to strength

Sparking a vision

From a small shop selling electrical goods to a manufacturing giant


 Hassan Ali Jawad instead made his mark in the country by co-founding Oman’s first brokerage in 1994, which continues to be a dominant player in the industry

Building on an inheritance

At the age of 36, Hamed al Sulaimi is at the helm of a company that is older than him and growing by leaps and bounds

Nation building

Mohamed Ali can be considered one of the architects of modern Oman, literally, having spearheaded a successful engineering and construction business

Midas Touch

Sheikh Saad Suhail Bahwan, chairman of OTE group, is someone whose success story is a lesson for many aspiring entrepreneurs

On top of the pecking order

Nasser al Mauly is the man many credit for the success of A’Saffa Foods

Vital connections

The phenomenal success for the first private sector player to enter Oman’s market when the telecom sector opened up owes much to one man – Ross Cormack

For better living

Omar al Wahaibi, chief executive officer of Haya Water is one of the men working to bring world-class utilities in the power and water space to residents of Oman

Fighting cancer

After surviving the disease not once but three times, Yuthar al Rawahy was determined to fight it again; this time not for herself, but for others like her

Feet of gold

Malki won silver medals at the Asian Track and Field Championships in 1985 and 1989 and is the most decorated Omani athlete

Wheels of fire

Hamed al Wahaibi is undoubtedly one of Oman’s most popular sports heroes, who went on to make an impact in the world of car rallying

The art of giving

Dar al Ata’a, a non-profit voluntary organisation set up in 2002, is today probably one of Oman’s best-known charities

Modernising municipality

As chairman of Muscat Municipality, Engineer Sultan bin Hamdoon al Harthy is in one of the most influential positions in Oman

The green champion

Every cause needs its crusaders and H H Sayyida Tania al Said is the voice of the environment in Oman


Kamilia, the first female registered lawyer in Oman, has spent two decades on the job, going to various ministries, setting up companies and walking in and out of courts and police stations

Racing stripes

Ahmad al Harthy is a sports icon for the youth of Oman

Ali al Habsi

The football star of Oman, Ali al Habsi is an inspiration for a whole generation

Oman Sail

Omab Sail launched officially on December 2, 2008 as a multi-pronged strategy to rekindle Oman's maritime heritage by the Ministry of Tourism

Mohammed al Barwani

Mohammed al Barwani, founder, owner and chairman of the MB Group of companies has scripted a success story like no other

Salem al Ismaili

As CEO of the Oman Center for Investment Promotion and Export Development (OCIPED), Salem al Ismaili undertook various measures to increase investments in the economy and improve exports

Mukhtar Rawahi

Traffic accident rates are on the rise and while the government and ROP are trying their best to prevent them from happening, there are many individuals who are currently suffering the aftermath of accidents like pain, loss of function, fewer employment opportunities or embarrassment owing to their disability

H E Hamood Sangour al Zadjali

The banking sector in Oman has seen rapid growth in the recent years

H E Yahya al Jabri

Cover Story
H E Yahya al Jabri took over the newly formed Capital Markets Authority (CMA) as executive president in 1999, a year after the crash of Muscat Securities Market (MSM)

H E Khalil al Khonji

As chairman of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI), H E Khalil al Khonji believes in the power of open dialogue and facilitates dialogue between the government and private sector

Maqbool Hameed Mohammed al Saleh

Cover Story
During the initial days of his career, Maqbool Hameed Mohammed al Saleh worked in the office of the Diwan for over a decade

Lt Gen Malik bin Sulaiman al Ma'amari

When His Majesty issued a directive on the need to increase road safety levels following the high number of traffic accidents in the sultanate, Lt Gen Malik bin Sulaiman al Ma'amari, the inspector general of police and customs, was one of the men tasked with this mission

Dr. Harub al Kharusi

One may be excused for thinking that 60 year old Dr Harub al Kharusi, who star-ted the first private dental clinic in Oman nearly 33 years ago, is much younger

Sayyid Khalid al Busaidy

When Amouage perfumes found a sweet spot in the international market and revived the legendary demand for Arabian fragrances, it was a testament to the business acumen of the Oxford graduate chairman of Sabco group, Sayyid Khalid al Busaidi

Royal Speech

The text of the Royal speech before the opening of the annual session of the Council of Oman on October 4, 2010