Friday Brunch

The laid-back meal that is neither breakfast nor lunch is ideal for Friday, when the capital’s offices are quiet and relaxation is the order of the day. A roundup of the most luxurious brunches on offer

Mobile shopping

m-Commerce has arrived in Oman in small doses – like when we subscribe to a stock update service or download songs on our cellphone, says Al Tanner

Future-proof strategy

After changing the mobile services market, Nawras is all set to shake up the Internet services with the launch of its 3G+ service. Benoy George Thomas reports

Digging deep

H E Maqbool Ali Sultan, Minister of Commerce and Industry, talks to BusinessToday about the efforts to improve the contribution of mining to the economy

Mining for opportunities

Srinivasan Iyer tracks the remarkable growth story of National Mining Company

Passion for fashion

Concetta Lanciaux tells BusinessToday that Oman can develop a luxury goods sector by evolving its costumes and dresses

Dream merchant

When the product is an idea, a dream, a promise, the results have to be tangible. Vandana Luthra has achieved that in style

Candid account

Njuguna Ndung'u, Kenya's top banker, does not mince words discussing its economy. BusinessToday reports

All Things Art

Ketan Mehta explains M F Hussain's Battle of Ganga Jamuna

Book Mark

 Book Review: Oman: the thrillseekers’ guide

Looking good

Travelling in style is not just flying first-class and packing designer clothes. It's also checking in the classiest travel gear, whether at the airport or the hotel. Here's a pick of the finest luxury luggage you may consider buying this season

Vroom vroom

Automobile news that keeps you driving ahead