The oilman cometh

Time is critical in oil drilling, so is proper maintenance support


Exploration of non-oil sources of revenue might be top priority on the sultanate's development agenda but that has not stopped the country from searching for untapped oil reserves vigorously. Drilling for oil is among the least affected economic activity in the country despite recession.

But Omani oil fields, though small, are deep and complex in their formations and allow little permeability. Drilling activity faces several problems, especially with regard to oil rigs and other equipment used for drilling.

It is in this context that Oilman International, a company with over 25 years of experience in the drilling contracting business, set up shop in Oman in February this year. Headquartered in Dubai, Oilman provides comprehensive equipment and service support for well construction activities worldwide, with a primary focus on the supply of rig packages.

New drilling equipment is provided without adequate after sales support and is often used by personnel who have no clue how to operate it. Those who cannot even identify the root cause of the problem do maintenance. As a result, a lot of the drilling effort becomes unproductive and considerable money is wasted in activities that distract from the main task," says Maher al Balushi, managing director, Oilman International.

In drilling, time is critical and contractors strive to reduce the time for transporting the rig from one well site to another. Oilman aims to address these issues by introducing fast desert moving equipment such as mud pump packages that enable speedy transfer of rigs from one area to another.

The company is currently executing projects for several high-profile companies in Oman and the Middle East, for the delivery of unitised mud pumps, which are guaranteed to make the task much faster and more efficient. They are also engaged in the delivery of a complete 2000hp fast-moving drilling rig on wheels for major rig moves.

"Usually it takes an average of nine days to move huge oil rigs. But with our easily movable drilling rigs, we can save seven days," says al Balushi. "As of now, there is no other company in Oman that provides the entire drill package on wheels. In that sense Oilman has revolutionised the industry."

Al Balushi says Oilman can provide custom solutions for the supply, start-up and operations support for all rig sizes - from mobile 350hp workover rigs to deep 4000hp rigs, for extreme drilling environments. The final composition of the rig package is done as per clients' custom specifications.

In addition, the company has a rental division that offers various small and big rig equipment including cranes, forklifts, rig camps, main camps, tubulars, caterpillar generator sets and rig move dolly on rental basis.

"The benchmark of drilling contractors is high priority for us. We do our best to improve the technology for better drilling performance and save on rig moving time."

All Oilman rigs and equipment are API (American Petroleum Institute) certified and comply with international standards. The company does an international third party inspection as well in order to ensure that their products are state-of-the-art and error-free.

"Coming from a rig operations background, Oilman wants to make sure drilling contractors get the right equipment and the right quality at a competitive price. We add value to experience and want to ensure that oil drilling in the sultanate is a more professional and productive experience.""

The oilman cometh
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