February 2012


Corporate Moves

Moves and shakers of the corporate world who have moved onto greener pastures

Corporate Report- Red Hot

The future growth of Al Jazeera Steel Products Company is expected to stem from its merchant bar mill unit and new markets.

Pure Drink

Despite challenges, the bottled water industry in Oman is expected to see a steady growth

Looking good

A look at latest gadgets in the market for the discerning consumer

Beyond the dividend yield wave

Fund managers and individual investors will need a strong sense of direction and a clear strategy given the current investing environment


Infiniti FX 2012, Range Rover Evoque, 911Carrera Cabriolet, BMW 3 Series

Security Concerns of Cloud Computing

While cost and ease of use are two great benefits of cloud computing, there are concerns that need to be addressed when considering moving critical applications and sensitive data to public and shared cloud environments

Crunch Time

Growth in Oman’s audit industry may have stagnated since the global downturn, but upcoming projects and rising ambitions of corporates could push it to the next stage of development.

Visitors view

Corporate executives that were on a short visit to Oman