Best Telecom Service Provider Brand: Nawras

For the third year in a row, Nawras has emerged the winner, garnering 41 per cent of the points.

Omanis: Nawras
Expatriates: Nawras
Men: Nawras
Women: Nawras
Under 45: Nawras
45 & Above: Nawras
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For the third year in a row, Nawras has emerged the winner, garnering 41 per cent of the points. Oman Mobile, the first runner-up has 26 per cent of points and Omantel bags 25 per cent coming a close third. Considering the fact that Oman Mobile is the subsidiary through which Omantel provides its mobile services, the combined points could put the group as the winner with 51 per cent of the total points.
With both Oman Mobile and Nawras offering similar products and launching the same services almost back to back, it may be worth taking a look at why more executives recall Nawras when asked what is the best telecom brand.

Back in the reckoning
Omantel has staged a comeback in terms of the percentage share in the top of the mind recall, clearly indicating that landlines are here to stay. Omantel has got more points than Oman Mobile among the expatriates and the 45+ segment.

Status quo
Oman Mobile, which overtook Omantel to reach the first runner up position in 2008, retains the position in the 2009 Best Brands Survey. In last year's survey more Omanis had recalled Oman Mobile as the best telecom service provider - in 2009 Nawras takes that position.
Landmark year
The year 2009 has been a very significant one for the telecommunication sector of Oman as it saw three mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) launching services, catering to some hitherto untapped segments. It has also seen Nawras, which bagged the licence to develop a second telecom network in 2008, setting up the infrastructure for the launch in 2010.

Oman Mobile


Oman Mobile

Best Telecom Service Provider Brand: Nawras
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