January 2011


Visitor view

Corporate executives who were on short visits to Muscat

Betting on sport

Sports branding is a concept that corporates in Oman have started to leverage on recently, but it will be a while before they realise the full potential

Amendments to Oman’s Landlord and Tenant law

The most dramatic changes in the new law are in relation to rent increases and minimum lease periods

Best brands Oman 2010

Cover Story: The best in Oman across 15 categories

Staying relevant

Without constant nurturing and reinventing, any brand would fail to strike a chord. Some of Oman's well-known brands reveal how they sustain their brand equity over time

Story of a super perfume

Twenty-five years after its launch, Amouage successfully rebranded itself as an international perfume based in Oman and there has been no looking back

A distinct fragrance

Arabic perfumes is still a growing market in Oman

Banks: History repeats

Cover Story
Few categories in the Best Brands Survey see such complete domination by one entity, and banking is one of them

Cars: Always ahead

Cover Story
Toyota comes around the bend a winner again

A warm welcome

Cover Story
Oman has succeeded over recent years in positioning itself as a high end leisure destination

Life associations

Cover Story
The Best Insurance Company Brand category is reintroduced in this year’s survey and as always, we have a new topper

Luxe dreams

Cover Story
Rolex seems to have become the byword for luxury in Oman

Nokia Rocks

Cover Story
Even in this era of iPhones and BlackBerries the grand old doyen of mobile phones, Nokia, is holding its own

Forever Sony

Cover Story
Sony continues to remain the clear favourite with 45 per cent mindshare

Going strong at 40

Cover Story
Omantel has returned as the best telecom brand in the 2010 Best Brands Survey

Shopping world

Cover Story
Lulu retains the top slot in the category for the second consecutive year

Brand new world

Cover Story
This is the second year of Real Estate category and Al Habib, which was at #3 in the Best brands 2009 Survey has managed overtake runner-up Cluttons and topple The Wave Muscat from its numero uno position.

Radio Gaga

Cover Story
The first commercial English radio station in the sultanate, Hi FM seems to have a finger on the pulse of Oman

Seats of knowledge

Cover Story
Caledonian College of Engineering, runner-up since this category was introduced in the 2008
Best Brands Survey, has made it to the top this year claiming 12 per cent of mindshare among respondents

Best from Oman

Cover Story
The Best Omani Brand category, as always remains the most competitive one

Winner takes it all

Cover Story
No surprises here, with Toyota as always emerges the winner.

My favourite brand book

Two senior executives pick their favourite branding related book for BusinessToday

In Person

David Bloom, global head of foreign exchange strategy at HSBC talks on the new monetary policies emerging in the Middle East, his outlook for the US dollar and what he expects for economies in 2011

Brand Equity

Cover Story
Muscat Private Hospital remains the hospital of choice among all respondents

The perfect getaway

Bathroom spaces these days have transformed themselves from a necessity driven component of a home to one of the most lavish interior spaces

The Great 'Divide'

No home design would be complete without great walls. Experts speak about all the ways in which one can make one's walls more expressive and distinct

A green statement

Eco-friendly or sustainable architecture has started catching the fancy of many in Oman

Journey Into Inner Space

It is a very human tendency to judge. And the first parameter by which we judge a home or office is its interiors

Home is where the kitchen is

Modular kitchens may be expensive, but they add a great touch to any home, with their high utility value and pleasant aesthetics

Redefining the outdoors

One of the most important factors determining a building’s attractiveness is its immediate surroundings. Experts talk about why more people are opting for landscaping services

Crafting personal spaces

Sleek designer furniture is a rage with youngsters in Oman today, who want to personalise their living spaces

BusinessToday Plus: Journey Into Inner Space

BusinessToday Plus, a value-added offering talks about design