Issue Number:183, January 2014


Capture all senses

Events offer an unparalleled opportunity to engage all the senses, which in turns leads to a heightened emotional reaction and response from audiences. By capturing all the senses simultaneously during an event, brands have the unique possibility to create a lasting and memorable impression.

The art of personal branding

Everybody owns a brand and that brand is – You. In today’s world, where everything is available and nothing is hidden, you had better be aware that your name and image are out there on every level. It is for that reason that we all need to understand the importance of managing our names and our 'Personal Branding'.

The power of 140

You are what you tweet. After being on Twitter for six years, I can vouch for that line. I was among the first few in Oman who ventured into Twitter in 2007 when the digital crowd was busy blogging as well as getting ready to be overtaken by the Facebook rage. 

When searching for talent, look for purpose and passion

It’s obvious that you are great at choosing partners to execute your ideas. How do you verify whether a person has enough passion and determination to grow a business?

Beyond branding

 Oman Sail: How sponsorship can deliver tangible returns to a business


The new F-Type Coupé is said to be the most dynamically capable, performance-focused, production Jaguar ever.