Caught in the whirlwind

Dearth of funds is an issue not only for the finance companies, but also for business units that depend on them for finance


Saleh Thabit al Awaidy of Qatar National Bank on his likes and dislikes

Visitor View

Senior executives who were on a short visit to Muscat

Risks and remedies in online banking

Key precautions can be implemented by banking institutions at policy as well as technical levels to avert security incidents

Establishing a banking presence

An overview of the main legal requirements for setting up a bank in Oman

A Brave New World

TA derestricts trade between Oman and the US. David Rutland speaks to experts on how best to take advantage of it

Content Bankers

BankMuscat wins the Hewitt Middle East’s Best Employer 2009 Award. Salim Mohammed al Kaabi speaks to BusinessToday on how the HR department keeps the staff happy and engaged

The brand vs sales promotion dilemma

Ideally the senior marketing teams and the creative agencies they work with should sit side by side and truly collaborate to clearly define a brand idea that effectively communicates the commercial message and the overall brand proposition

Think Small

Microcredit schemes can raise the standard of livinh og people in Oman's interiors, Rajender Mohan Malla of SIDBi tells AE James

Excellence in motion

BusinessToday takes the epitome of luxury, the Rolls-Royce, out for a spin on Muscat's roads and comes back impressed

ODB to increase SME funding

Oman Development Bank plans to launch a fixed deposit savings scheme

Loan Alone

With its people-friendly schemes, OHB has disbursed RO30mn in loans in 2008. Anita Joseph reports

In Limelight

People who were in limelight

The Risk Factor

For the first time in Oman, Business Today conducts a Risk Quotient Survey where banks rate risk preceptions on various parameters providing interesting insights into the sector

Give us more

Bank customers say a lot more needs to be done to improve various banking services

Switch On

It is going to be good days for banks and plastic money users as CBO is planning to roll out a unified National Switch. A E James reports

Treading Cautiously

First quarter results of seven listed banks in Oman highlight that the banking sector is more rise-averse. Analysis by Vision Securities