The ring of fire

A majority of brokerage and investment services firms face low volumes due to difficult market conditions and competition.

Before I choose a bank...

BusinessToday asks a few senior executives what are the three things they look for before they decide where to bank. They also talk about areas where banks here can improve 

The bank saga

At a credit penetration of just 49 per cent to the GDP, Oman appears to be one of the most lucrative markets for lending growth. Analysis by United Securities

Specialised banks

There are two specialised banks operating in Oman, with a network of 22 branches. Both Oman Housing Bank (OHB) and Oman Development Bank (ODB) are specialised credit institutions and are Government owned banks. A quick guide on ODB and OHB and the men at their helms.

Islamic finance: A new dawn?

Experience of other countries suggests that Islamic products need to be priced in comparison to conventional products.

Foreign banks at a glance

A quick reference on all the foreign banks in Oman and those at the helm

Safe voyage

Travel insurance has not garnered much attention in Oman, but with increasing embassy mandates and awareness of the various benefits this product can offer, the uptake is gradually improving

Oceanic splendors

Cruises are a popular choice of vacation among Omanis these days, with a myriad of attractions ranging from exotic sightseeing to enjoying the luxury on board on offer.

A risky appeal

Offbeat destinations like Iran, South Korea and Taiwan are scouted by Omani youth and Western expats in their quest for adventure and exploration

BusinessToday Plus: Evolving attractions

BusinessToday Plus, a value-added offering talks about tourism and all the tips you need to plan your trip right

Scouting apt getaways

The travel and tourism field is all about captivating an audience, where standards are forever being set at elevated heights, as this is one sector where demands are always increasing.

Tips for travelling with kids

With a bit of know-how, travelling with small children needn’t be a hassle. Here is an essential checklist for parents