Wajdi Jeha, General Manager, Gallery Argan LLC

Practical wisdom

Establishing effective ERM practices includes investments in the right technology and devising a series of well thought-out training programmes

Nip and tuck

After the extravagances of the 2008 boom ended abruptly the following year, everybody had to tighten themselves up. Unveiled that year, the Volkswagen CC has done the same and its 2012 facelift shows off a leaner, trimmer body. Alex Adams takes it for a spin to see if the substance matches the style

Lending Debate

The Central Bank of Oman’s decision to reduce the interest rate ceiling on fresh personal loans to seven per cent, has evoked a mixed response from the commercial banks in the sultanate.

Islamic banking demystified

Abdullah al Jabri, deputy general manager and head of central operations at Ahli Bank, explains the various components of Islamic banking and how customers at large will stand to gain from it

Hard Sell

Oman's mutual fund managers have altered their strategy to generate attractive returns for investors this year, but for the industry to see significant growth, some regulations and mindsets need to change.

Growing affiliations

Oman's economic ties with New Zealand are set to enter a new phase of growth with the island country eyeing the sultanate's education and agriculture sector to channelise its investments

Experiential marketing

Experiential marketing can aid corporates in earning customer loyalty through the most agile and incisive communication, based on sound strategy

Towards A creative revolution

Louai Alasfahani of Paragon Marketing Communications is working on introducing the Oman chapter of the IAA this year, that would lead to higher standards, a change in regulations and better creativity in the advertising sector

Air of confidence

Oman's aviation industry is one of the smallest in the Middle East, but recent trends suggest that the sector is poised to enter a new phase of growth with regional and international carriers increasing their focus on this market 

Unique Focus

Foreign banking executives speak on how they are luring their retail clients in Oman