Best of both worlds

Oman's ad agencies that are banking on government contracts and corporate accounts have identified different approaches to deal with both clients, to garner additional revenue and enhance their reputation. BusinessToday reports

Bird's eye view

Regional ad agency heads from the GCC rate the advertising industry in Oman

Garnering mass appeal

Oman's campaign advertising scene is at a nascent stage where candidates have banked on simple direct marketing tools. With elections gaining momentum, better involvement of ad agencies is imperative. Ramya Dilipkumar reports

Practical selling

SMEs operate with smaller marketing budgets than MNCs, but some players are exploring more efficient ways to maintain brand recall. Andrea Lopes writes

Spurring growth

Brazil and Oman are taking their relations to new heights with the visit of the Brazilian vice president to Oman, and with plans in place for cooperation in agriculture, infrastructure and sports. BusinessToday reports

Tasting dividends

Walking into a department store or a shopping mall and being given a free sample of a perfume or a cup cake makes most shoppers feel good. It is without doubt, an effective way to get people to stop and take notice.

The unconventional success

Companies from industries that don't follow traditional advertising norms in Oman have chosen viral marketing and social media platforms to enhance their brand image. Ramya Dilipkumar reports

When training day is every day

Richard Branson says creating a culture of opportunity will make a huge difference


Nissan Sentra, BMW series 4 coupé, Subaru Forester and Land Rover

Looking Good

A look at the latest gadgets in the market for consumers


Omar Nazih Kamel Azar of Nawras on his likes and dislikes

Visitor View

Corporate executives who were on a short visit to the sultanate

The changing face of advertising

Mohammad al Farei details the role of social media on brands and business dynamics