Mark Pey, Country Manager Oman, Swiss International Airlines, Lufthansa German Airlines

On an upswing

Leading fashion designers in Oman say the fashion industry here is yet to catch up with global standards, though they are optimistic that the sector has great potential and is continuously evolving.

Tickling the funny bone

The trend of humorous advertising to attract customers and make the product more memorable is still in its  nascent stages in the sultanate for both advertising agencies and their clients in Oman

In Person

Shankha Banerjee, president of sales and marketing, Pidilite Industries, Middle East and Africa, talks to Business Today about his company's roadmap for 2012 and its growth prospects in Oman

Modern Connections

In the recent years, Oman’s corporates have slowly realised that one of the most effective mediums to highlight their brands and connect with their audience is the digital space.

Smooth sail

The upcoming marinas are aimed at developing Oman as a unique tourist destination, but the success is yet to be determined, contingent on the expertise and facilities that each operator houses.

Picture This

The cinemas in Oman are now increasingly sought after by companies to advertise their products, but many are yet to seek the right way to enhance their brand image.

Cyclical equations

Seasonal advertising is an upcoming trend in Oman due to its cost effectiveness, but substantial work is required for companies to sustain their brand image through the rest of the year

The civic cause

Oman’s public sector is waking up to the fact that innovative ads and a strong brand image are required to gain international recognition, but the industry needs more creativity and bigger budgets.