Issue Number:219, February 2017



The new Mustang GT AT 2016 comes with a sleeker look and is packed with technology without compromising much on its classic demeanour

Show me the money

Customers want value

“A skilled global negotiator will always connect at an emotional and rational level in the negotiation and will always be on the lookout for the unexpected to occur.”

 — Stephen Kozicki

The seven second rule: Navigating silence

In my house, the chatter is fairly constant. When I go out with friends, there’s rarely a gap of more than a few seconds before someone feels compelled to say something. When it’s quiet in the car for more than three seconds, my young daughter asks: 

The Awakening of the debt investor

Fixed income investors have to now actively scout for the best options as yields are set to change frequently.

Column: What’s your leadership legacy?

Imagine. The year is 2035. After a long and successful career, you’ve recently hung up your boots. 

Keep your New Year’s fitness resolutions

“This year is the year I will become fit and healthy,” is probably the most tried and failed of all New Year’s resolutions. Forging healthy habits doesn’t need to be an epic battle. The five tips below will have you on your way to your fittest year yet

Nurturing leadership

Harvard Kennedy School’s public policy and administration courses will enhance the prospects of Omani students, says Asma Jaber

Blockbuster move

When Sanjay Joshi came to Muscat almost 25 years ago, the city had just two cinema halls – Al Nasr Cinema at Ruwi High Street and Star Cinema at CBD. An avid film lover, Joshi was a regular at these theatres and remembers the days in which he literally had to muscle his way through the crowds to watch his favourite films. 

Taxing time

In an effort to improve its finances, which have been marred by low oil prices, Oman is planning to come up with the most extensive tax reforms till date as part of its commitment to balance the budget by 2020.