Issue Number:211, June 2016

Tips for international companies doing business in Oman

The Sultanate of Oman offers great opportunities for international organisations to do business in a broad range of sectors. 

Ramadan packages from Muriya

Muriya has designed special offers during the holy month of Ramadan, which will be available at its resorts and hotels.

Training during Ramadan

In a couple of weeks we are going to be entering the Holy Ramadan period. This is a time of total fasting during daylight hours. 

Sedan cars will drive growth in 2016

Salah Yousuf al Farsi, Business Head, Infiniti Oman about the market, the company's expansion plans and the upcoming launches 

Data is the future

Renna is the latest telco to offer 4G services in Oman and the company CEO Raed Hadadin, talks about the salient features of the new service.

Mandatory health insurance will be a game changer

Al Sayyid Nassir bin Salim al Busaidi, the new chairman of the Oman Insurance Association speaks to BusinessToday about the organisation's role in promoting the insurance sector in the country.

Islamic banking has achieved remarkable growth in Oman

Dr. Ashraf Al Nabhani, GM Corporate Support , Bank Nizwa, sees challenges as opportunities that will foster the growth the Shari’a compliant banking sector in the country.

Islamic banking will flourish with the development of Islamic capital markets

Salaam Said al Shaksy, CEO of Alizz Islamic Bank, is confident that Shari'a compliant banking will secure their due market share of banking assets and liabilities despite current economic troubles in the country.

When the going gets tough

Q: During a crisis involving your business, how do you know if you are panicking too much? How do you step back and handle bad situations with a cool head?

   — Ghufran Sheraz, Pakistan 

The virtue of long-term investing

Let us say someone presented you with two options: an investment strategy that could potentially deliver annual returns of 12 per cent with a nearly 40 per cent probability of loss, or an investment strategy that could potentially deliver annual returns of nearly nine per cent but with a near-zero probability of loss.

A recipe for disaster

Growing anger about economic disparities has skyrocketed Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders’ popularity in US elections.

Competition Law and consumer protection – creating a balance

Consumers and small businesses in Oman are in a better place today than ever before.