Issue Number:201, August 2015

Sunny days ahead

Oman is witnessing a surge in renewable energy related activities and industry insiders are predicting further development of the sector in the future

The crowd knows best

Q. After spending two decades on development, I am no closer to bringing my product to market. Plus I’m up against corporate giants who have millions of dollars to pour into marketing efforts. So while my product may be superior, I can get no financial traction. 

A real opportunity

The euro’s dip and strengthening of the dollar gives Omani investors a definitive advantage to invest in the European real estate market  


With private wealth in Oman growing exponentially over the last couple of years, all the banks in the sultanate expect double digit growth in the priority banking business and plan to expand the segment  

Creativity, integrity are key to success

How long did you practice law in India before moving to the UK? What are the differences in the way law is practiced in India and in the UK?

Oman’s Power Sector set for growth with rise in demand

According to recent figures published by OPWP in its seven-year report (2015-2021), Oman could face a power deficit of 2,727MW in 2020 

A healthy decision

Oman’s government has taken steps to reduce healthcare cost but experts predict that it needs to do more to tackle the issue  

Our vision is to become the best bank in the region

Abdul Hakeem Omar al Ojaili, acting CEO of BankDhofar, says that the bank applies cutting-edge technology, introduces state-of-the-art banking solutions, and observe current trends and expected developments in the future to stay ahead in the market 

Employability is of critical importance to students

Malcolm Furber, past president of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and Geetu Ahuja, head of GCC, CIMA, talks about bridging the gap between education and employability


Sensitivity to environment and governance issues among investors makes green bonds an attractive means to raise low-cost funds 

Can Beijing make AIIB transparent?

With China facing a slowdown, it will not be easy for the bank to address issues of other countries with objectivity

Tourism is a serious business and it is about sending correct messages to targeted audience

Oman Sail serves as an extension of the Ministry of Tourism and applies its expertise to develop tourism in Oman. 

Charming and modern

Infiniti’s Q70 offers a fine balance of performance and luxury.