Issue Number:212, July 2016

Choose your growth

As the world debates growth, countries are realising that everyone has to follow a different path. A monochromatic view on growth makes it ugly for everyone.

Moving from gym vendor to wellness partner

In the past fitness chains would often do deals with companies that gave their employees access to health clubs at reduced rates.

Has the time arrived for structured finance in Oman?

Structured finance is a means of spreading and diversifying financial risk in any developed financial system as well as reducing the cost of capital.

Common errors retail investors make in their personal financial planning: Part I

“I think we tried very hard not to be over-confident, because when you get over-confident that’s when something snaps up and bites you.”

                                                – Neil Armstrong, Astronaut

Risk and reward in the age of Brexit

By the time you read this, voters in the UK will likely have gone to the polls and decided whether or not they want to remain a part of the European Union.

Day dream or reality?

Virtual reality hasn’t even properly hit the masses yet and there’s already a battle on for dominance in the technology.

Georgia beckons

For decades, vacationers from Oman and other GCC countries used to flock to Alpine countries like Switzerland, France, Germany or Italy, or the Mediterranean to escape from the scorching heat and to spend some leisure time with family and friends.