Issue Number:188, July 2014

Basking in the sunshine

Oman has decided to focus more on producing energy from renewable resources as it plans to reduce dependence on oil and gas and cut its subsidy burden.

A car with attitude

Movie remakes and cover songs are tricky business, especially if the original is an iconic and beloved cultural symbol that has stood the test of time.


‘The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time.’

The best survival strategy for the long term

Q: Why is it so difficult to persuade the corporate world and the government to partner with businesses that are willing to provide a service to a community for positive change? As soon as I mention that profit is not our focus, they lose interest. How do I overcome this problem?
– Rod McBride, Johannesburg

Finding the right balance

Many banks have raised concerns about meeting the CBO’s minimum five per cent stipulation for lending to the SME segment by the year-end. What is your bank’s position on this? 

Non-Index Stocks vs MSM30

The financial market is represented by various indices; nevertheless these indices do not always give a complete picture of the market as it is very difficult to encompass all sectors within the main index.

Visitor view

We chat with global executives on a visit to Oman

Will the European Union crack?

While India was glued to the television watching the oath-taking pageantry of Narendra Modi – the outsider who stormed into Delhi – Europe was waking up to stunning election results of its own.


2015 WRX and New Mini Hatch launched in Oman

The Twists And Turns of Social Media

With big money being wagered on social media, both old champions as well as newcomers are fighting for the user’s time