Issue Number:216, November 2016

National Day Special: N A T I O N B U I L D E R S

Companies like PDO, OAMC, SoharPort & Freezone and Omran talk about their ambitious projects that  will enrich the nation's economy even further.

When do you say it’s ‘my aeroplane’?

Two simple statements that encapsulate two stellar traits of good leaders. They take ownership in a crisis. And when the job is done, they attribute the results to the team’s efforts

The Rich, Devil & Others Too Wear Prada

Several e-commerce platforms selling pre-owned luxury goods have made Pradas and LVs of the world more affordable.

Never too old

Q: I’m considering a career change. As I am getting on in years, I was wondering: Is there a cut-off point at which people should remain where they are and not try to pursue other interesting opportunities?

— Joseph Peters 

Measuring performance and satisfaction in personal finance

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”

– Peter Drucker, management guru

Oman’s Most Trusted Brands honoured

Branding is what separates a company from its competitors and helps consumers remember a product. 

Fitness: Kickboxing for wholesome fitness

When people think about exercise, they often associate it with benefits which are purely physical – increased fitness, strength, weight loss and muscle tone. 

Technology: Betting Big On AI

When Apple launched its voice interactive virtual assistant Siri, it was considered a landmark in the field of technology. 

Test drive: Stylish and safe family friendly crossover

QX60, Infiniti's new 7-seater luxury crossover SUV, is a stylish and comfortable family vehicle.