Issue Number:194, January 2015

Finding the fine balance in personal branding

Richard Elliot and Larry Percy in their book, Strategic Brand Management, observe, ‘Building a corporate brand demands that major attention be paid to employees, bringing them along with the brand strategy so they understand it, believe in it and also practice it in their behaviour towards customers and other stakeholders.’ 

Rebranding: Good or bad?

Rebranding is probably a good thing. And I say ‘probably’ because, history is replete with instances of it going horribly wrong. That is not to cast aspersions on rebranding itself. It can be a powerful tool in the hands of those that seek to truly understand their customers, embrace change and are prepared to walk the talk.

Build trust and authenticity

In today’s global and competitive market, developing and nurturing the brand has become a prerequisite in many industries to protect and gain market share. Businesses that do not pay attention to how their brand is perceived do not deserve to compete and are certain to see their growth limited and valuation erode.


With over US$15bn in investment, Sohar Port and Freezone is one of the largest port development sites in the world. A joint venture of 12 years with Port of Rotterdam, one of world’s top-ten port, its revamped container terminal and deep sea port are capable of handling some of the world’s largest commercial vessels.

The name Nawras had a unique Omani identity

As we continue in the footsteps of Nawras’ unique identity, its mission and brand values, our latest research demonstrates that our customers’ sentiments have only continued to grow positively.