Issue Number:209, April 2016

Positive outlook

Outdoor advertising firms are optimistic about growth in the future despite being affected by the recent cuts in promotional budgets by companies this year.

Overcoming crisis creatively

As companies have reduced promotional budgets due to prevailing economic uncertainties, advertising agencies in Oman are seeking out creative ways to stay afloat and survive.

Test Drive: Well-muscled luxury crossover

The redesigned MKX offers more and better safety features, a quiet interior with attractive materials, and classy exterior design.

Samsung to regain its edge with s7

Tarek Sabbagh, head-IT & Mobile Division, Samsung Gulf Electronics, talks about the impressive features of the new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Free trade under threat

The US presidential poll campaign has tuned ominous with candidates blaming globalisation for all the country’s ills.

Digital advertising landscape is evolving

More than ever, businesses in Oman are investing more of resources and budget to improve their digital capabilities which are extremely important to their organisations, says Kishor Cariappa.

FITNESS: Choose what is right for you

Exercises are classified into Aerobic (nonresistance oriented) and Anaerobic (resistance oriented).

When things go wrong – Liability of directors under Omani law: Part 2

As discussed in Liability of directors under Omani law: Part 1, directors of public companies listed on Muscat Stock Market (MSM) are required to discharge their duties, responsibilities and obligations under Oman’s Code of Corporate Governance, the Capital Market Authority Law (CMAL) and its executive regulations (in addition to the general obligations placed on directors of public and closed joint companies by the Commercial Companies Law (CCL), Commercial Law and the Penal Code). 

Basic rules of successful investing

There is a story told of an average investor, a salaried man of modest means who invested in the 1930s and 1940s, regularly putting a portion of his monthly income into US equities. 

Coming up with a winning idea

Q: I am an engineering student in Portugal, but I feel I really was born to be an entrepreneur. I started creating logos for companies when I was about 15. I’m passionate about entrepreneurship and I’m always trying to think of new ways to start businesses. I want to follow my passion — but it’s tough when you have a great business idea, and no support. How do I find the right path?

                                          — João Bandeira, Portugal