Issue Number:193, December 2014

How to handle the competition

If you want to be successful in business, you need to welcome your competition with open arms – just don’t let them walk all over you. Strike the right balance between respecting your rivals and focusing on how you can beat them, and you’ll have a winning formula.

Resurgent IPO market brings gains to GCC bourses

In academia it is a widely documented phenomenon that the activity level of the IPO market tends to reflect capital markets’ conditions. The success factors of IPOs that can be quantified by the post IPO price performance of the company/issuer therefore partially depend on the timing of the offerings, pricing and the appetite of investors.


The CLA 45 AMG is a perfect representative of the AMG's driving performance brand claim: with a peak output of 360hp and maximum torque of 450Nm, its turbocharged engine is the most powerful four-cylinder unit in series production in the world. 

Why the sultanate needs a competition policy

There is a clear consensus that a market economy with a competitive private sector is the most effective long-term solution for the challenge of generating productive employment, inclusive growth and international competitiveness. For the sultanate, the development of the private sector has been a long-standing ambition and a core aspect of its development strategy. 

Opening a New Chapter

The emergence of sukuk or Shari'a-compliant bonds has been one of the most significant developments in Islamic capital markets. The first ever Islamic bond was issued in Malaysia in 1990, while the first sovereign sukuk in the region was issued by Bahrain in 2001.

Stay home globalisers

Put your finger anywhere on the map in my state and it’s yours,” says Shivraj Chouhan, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. This is not an easy statement to make. Lack of adequate land has choked domestic industrial expansion in recent years. But Chouhan backs his bravado with figures. “My government has a land bank of 26,000 hectares. It is ready for industrial use. All relevant approvals will be given online,” he promises.


Film lovers in Muscat are facing an interesting kind of a dilemma nowadays. If earlier they had to decide which film to watch and when, now they also have to decide where to watch it.

Business Interview: THE MAN IN THE ROLLS ROYCE

It remains a mystery whether 27 year old Torsten Müller-Ötvös, when walking through the doors of BMW as a trainee, saw himself as the CEO of the world’s biggest luxury brand.