Issue Number:221, April 2017

Fitness: Why not to diet and what to do instead

Dieting, that frightening word that conjures up feelings of hunger and deprivation. It seems every month there is new fad diet on the market, each promising your leanest, strongest, and most attractive body yet. 

Test Drive: Undeniably appealing

The 2017 Lexus IS 350 sedan ticks all the right boxes for performance, quality, technology, and efficiency

Preserving a brand’s sanctity in social media

The pointers below relate both to what the brand must do, and more importantly what its social media minders must be cognisant of as they manage the brand's social outreach.

Pitching to win: You have too many slides!

You’re pitching to a major client, and you know the time of the Pitch: Monday 5th, 10am for 60 minutes. 

Hostility: The killer personality trait and ultimate derailer

The #1 personality trait associated with decreased results and team morale is Hostility.

Technology: Building Trust in a Cloudy Sky

Cloud services are now a regular component of IT operations, and are utilised by more than 90 per cent of organisations around the world.