Issue Number:218, January 2017


The escalator moment

Leader’s duty is to point towards a better way, and help the team traverse that path. In most cases, the leader himself may have ‘been there, done that’

Investing Habits of the Super Rich

An exploration of traits that set the super rich apart as investors.

Insider accounts into the world’s leading high-performance organizations

Why do particular organisations ‘win’ against tough competition year after year over extended periods of time? Can we identify these organisations’ formulas for success and do those formulas have elements in common? Finally, is there an approach to thinking about and driving enduring high performance that we can document and share with aspiring leaders around the world?

Start local, and start strong

Q.: What are the biggest differences you encounter when doing business in varied markets — like the UK and the US, or Japan and Australia? 

Flying high

After a lacklustre year, industry captains expressed optimism about growth in the coming years during the Arab Aviation Summit held at Jordan.

Zumba: Ditch the workout, join the party!

In the past few years as a certified Zumba instructor I have seen a huge growth of women taking up Zumba fitness classes. 

Scrapping New Year’s resolutions could leave you happier and healthier

London Business School behavioural expert Madan Pillutla talks ‘fresh start’ delusion

Facebook launches parents’ portal to allay security fears

Every day, parents come to Facebook to ask for advice in groups, share pictures of their children or just stay connected with family in different places. And for many parents, they also have questions about how Facebook works once their children join. 

Companies in Oman can turn data chaos into value through digital transformation

A business can harness the value by being able to control the data and better use it to serve customers, improve businesses and decision making and this will have a positive effect on the bottom line.