Issue Number:190, September 2014

Globalisation’s Worst Crisis

Globalisation’s death has been announced many times. From the wrecked WTO summit in Seattle in 1999 to the global financial crisis in 2007, when the world trade seized up, the implacable march of globalisation has indeed slowed. But it has bounced back.

Don’t stop until every kernel pops

Q: I am a young entrepreneur who ventured into a popcorn-selling business in a small town. A long time has passed, but I am not reaping enough profits. Should I quit?

– Kimosop Kibet, Kenya 

Welcome To A Connected World...

Welcome to the bold new world of the Internet of Things (IoT), where everyday devices talk to one another and everything you do is monitored real time. Almost every thing that you can think of – watches, toothbrushes, vending machines, windows, doors, cars, thermostats, even shoes – is getting equipped with sensors, wireless communication abilities and computing power.

A Healthy Decision

Patients without insurance and consumers struggling to meet their monthly medical expenses can hope for some relief in the coming months, as drug prices in Oman and other GCC countries are likely to fall by as much as 40 per cent in some cases.

A shot in the arm

With 6,500 projects due for completion by 2015, there are plenty of growth opportunities for Omani contractors

Revenues grow but bottomlines struggle

The consolidated corporate earnings of MSM-listed companies rose marginally by 0.8per cent to RO396mn despite revenues growing 2.6 per cent to RO1,967 mn in the first half of 2014 when compared to 1H 2013. There was a marked deterioration in the 1H 2014 figures when compared to the double digit growth registered in FY 2013 over FY 2012, where revenues increased by 12 per cent and net profit witnessed a jump of 28.7 per cent.

Enchanting the taste buds

Changing food preferences and increased economic activity resulted in a large number of new restaurants opening in the last two years thus increasing competition between them and making it hard to retain profitability.