Issue Number:198, May 2015

Enhancing customer service experience is our priority in 2015

On the occasion of its eighth anniversary, Bank Sohar’s acting CEO talks to BusinessToday about the bank’s achievements and strategies for growth

Making of a new world order

Mindless politics in Washington and opportunism in Europe have handed China the leadership crown

The Fashion Potential

With the right support and attention to detail, Oman’s fashion industry has the potential to make its mark in the GCC

Forging stronger connections

According to H E George Hisaeda, Japanese Ambassador to Oman, economic ties between the two countries is set to become stronger with the signing of the landmark investment agreement in the second quarter of 2015

Education for Employment

The gap between education and employability is a continuingproblem in Oman, but the government and the private sector aremaking some moves to remedy the situation

A delectable legacy

With a firm foundation on traditions and an eye on the future, the Qureshi brand is gearing up to spread its tasty offerings to other parts of the GCC.

Passion can sell an idea

The key to making that first sale, though, starts with perfecting your business pitch.

Stylish and Composed

Some compact SUVs go for visual impact, others prioritise space usage and versatility.  Land Rover’s Discovery Sport combines both to great effect 

The Investment case for Dividend Yield Strategy in uncertain times

Investors should focus on high and consistent dividend paying sectors like utilities and telecom