Issue Number:192, November 2014

Prolonged bearish oil market may hit MSM

From a historical standpoint, oil price trends have shown a positive correlation with the Muscat Securities Market with some periods showing a much more distinct and stronger correlation than others.

Make mistakes, and come back smarter

Q: When everything goes right in a business, things feel easy and rewarding. When things go wrong, you have to learn how to fix them and move forward. What was one of the biggest mistakes you ever made in business, and how did you correct it and bounce back? – Jason Weiss 

It’s not end of the road yet

Globalisation is facing hard times. The evidence is in newspapers every day. Search the phrase ‘end of globalisation’ and you get 35.7mn references; some mentions of the phrase go back to 2001.

The boss that is Jeff Bezos

Interview with Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of


Infiniti Q80 Inspiration and BMW X4 Sports Activity Coupe launched in Oman